June 13, 2015

Ostrich Races

When I was recently back in the US, my family and I went to Penn National racetrack to watch ostrich and camel racing. As you can see in the below videos, the ostrich race was the more entertaining of the two. Actual jockeys rode the ostriches and had to do everything that they could to stay on. After the race, one of the ostriches jumped over the track fence and was on the loose. People on horseback frantically raced after the ostrich as it headed towards the nearby highway.

April 17, 2015


Like my earlier videos, here is a video I made while driving around the abandoned streets of Pripyat. Pripyat was a city created by the USSR in 1970 for workers from the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant to live. The almost 50,000 residents were evacuated 36 hours after the accident.

The song at the end of the video is "Wonderful Far-Away" from the Soviet TV miniseries Guest from the Future (Гостья из будущего) from 1985. The song also features in a documentary about Pripyat before the nuclear disaster.

April 11, 2015

Chernobyl Town

Here is a video I made while driving through the town of Chernobyl. The town is about nine miles away from the nuclear power plant, and as you can see in the video, there are a fair number of people who live in the town. These people work at the power plant, build the new containment building or support the people doing those two jobs. Around 6000 people, predominantly men, work in the Exclusion Zone. Although most of them live outside the zone and commute in each day.

April 9, 2015


This week I went on a two day tour of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The highlights of the trip were getting up close to reactor 4 and visiting Pripyat. I am intending do to a couple of posts on the trip, but as a taster of what is to come, here is a video I took as we drove past the nuclear power plant.

February 10, 2015


In Prague this past weekend I had the best hazelnut spread for breakfast.

Sympathica Peanua
Peanua is a combination of peanut butter and a generic version of Nutella, a chocolate hazelnut spread. Peanut Butter and the chocolatey goodness of Nutella go great together on things like bread and bagels. The beauty of Peanua is that it guarantees that you will get the right proportion of peanut butter to Nutella in every bit. 

I have been searching online to try to determine if you can purchase Peanua in the UK. From what I have found so far, it appears that it may only be sold in Lidls in the Czech Republic and Poland. It also does not appear to be listed by anyone on Ebay or Amazon. 

February 2, 2015

Tartan Irn-Bru Bottles

Irn Bru is doing their version of Coke's "Share a Coke with" bottles with the names on. Each bottle of Irn Bru has a different tartan on the label. Similar to how people look for the Coke bottles with their name on, people are supposed to look for the bottles with their family's tartan on. There is a generic Irn-Bru tartan for those of us who aren't Scottish.

Murray of Tullibardine and Ancient MacKay tartans

December 14, 2014