March 25, 2010

Abandoned Cities

I found this cool blog post that shows pictures of abandoned cities around the world.

Abandoned Places In The World

March 23, 2010


I finished all of my taxes a week ago. I'm going to get a $403 refund from the IRS but ended up owing Pennsylvania and my local township some money. $403 is enough for one of my student loan payments.

I bought tickets yesterday to go to the British Open at St Andrews. I'm going to go on Wednesday and Sunday. On Wednesday they are holding a contest for all of the former champions. There is a chance Jack Nicholas may relive his memorable 2005 farewell. I also registered for information on buying London 2012 olympic tickets.

This Friday I'm going to Belgium for the weekend.

March 11, 2010


So I've been busy this week doing my American taxes. I started out using Taxcut's website but ran into a problem entering my UK wages. After contacting their useless customer service, I switched to Taxact. I was able to finish my federal return last night with no problem. That was the easy part. Now I get to struggle with my Pennsylvania return. I found a link online that gives you a discount on Taxact so you can fill both federal and state for less than $12, which is a good bit less than what Taxcut and Turbotax want.

In other news, for some reason, the Mormons of Scotland keep trying to convert me. Out of all the people who walk past them, they always pick me to be the one they try to talk to. I guess its kind of a compliment that they want me to join their religion.

March 4, 2010

Letter from America

Since I'm posting the Proclaimers, here is another of their songs. This one is pretty topical for this blog.

Letter from America - The Proclaimers - MyVideo

March 2, 2010

Good Bye East Stand

Saturday was the last game for Hibernian's East Stand at Easter Road before it will be turn down and replaced with a new stand. Unfortunately, St Johnstone didn't follow the script. Instead of a glorious victory to see off the old stand, it was a pretty unenjoyable draw. Before the game, Hibs announced that demolition would start pretty promptly this week. The result was that people went crazy after the game trying to take everything with them. And by everything, I mean everything. I took one of the seats. The stand was littered with pieces of green plastic from seats that broke into pieces when people tried to snap them off. Other people were taking concession stand menus, seat number signs, etc... One guy even took the women's restroom's sign, which had to be the grossest place ever. Some people got away with the green doors to the turnstiles.

On a more personal note, I'm going to miss the old stand. While I haven't been a Hibs supporter for as long as some people, the stand did have an uniquely Hibernian character. There was something different about watching a game from there. It was a link to the club's past. It's sad to see it go.

Some sunshine on leith