April 23, 2011

Ketchup Confusion

I've noticed that there often seems to be a moment of confusion when I ask for ketchup for my chips at the chippie or other fast food place, although I normally use brown sauce. The worker hesitates and asks if I mean "tomato ketchup" or "tomato sauce".

I was always a little confused why they needed to ask for clarification but never really gave it a whole lot of thought until I saw this article from the Middle Class Handbook. According to them, there is a pretty clear class divide in the British choice of condiments. Brown sauce is the middle class condiment of choice while "tomato sauce" is used by the working class. "Ketchup" is a more middle class term that the chippie worker would not use, hence his confusion when he comes across me.

April 11, 2011

2011 Masters

I was watching the Masters yesterday on the BBC and something felt like it was missing. I don't believe the BBC played the Masters jingle that CBS uses. Dave Loggin wrote the song and it is entitled "Augusta". The song also has lyrics (see after the jump), but CBS only uses the instrumental version.

This song is the perfect example of the interaction between music, sport and memory. When many people think of the Masters, this song is one of the first things they think of. When you hear a few bars of the song, images of Augusta come to mind. Without the song, the BBC's coverage was lacking one of those little things that makes the Masters special.

April 8, 2011

Stone Roses Disappointment

Yesterday I got very excited when I read this.

It seems like this rumour makes the rounds every year. When I saw that the Telegraph was running the story, I got my hopes up since I figured they would only carry it if there was something behind it. At least the Complete Stone Roses tribute group will be playing in Stirling this summer.

April 1, 2011

2011 Census

Sunday was census day in Scotland. I was actually pretty excited to fill it out. I have seen my ancestors' records from various US census, and its pretty cool to think that in 100 years my descendants will be able to a little glimpse into my Scottish life.