February 19, 2010

Avatar in IMAX 3D

Last weekend I saw Avatar at the IMAX theater at the Glasgow science center. Getting tickets was a pain in the ass as they were selling out over two weeks in advance. It was worth the wait to see it at the IMAX. The huge screen made it seem like you were actually on the planet at times. The 3D effort was cool but at the same time not distracting. I had heard bad things about the plot, but it was fine. A little predictable at times but good enough to keep you interested in the movie.

February 18, 2010

Missed Fastnacht Day

Tuesday was Fastnacht Day and I completely missed it. For some reason I thought that fat Tuesday was the following week. I don't believe that I celebrated Fastnacht Day in university due to the difficulty of buying anything resembling a fastnacht, but I was planing on making a serious effort to at least find doughnuts that were similar. 363 days to go until the next one...

February 8, 2010


Since I'm staying home from work today because I came down with the flu yesterday, I figured I could post a brief update of what I've been up to.

I've been on two short business trips in the past two weeks. One to London and the other to Birmingham. I took the 1st class Virgin train to Birmingham. It was a pretty nice train ride with beautiful scenery. The sleeper train was still the more memorable trip though. The city of Birmingham is a different story. It was probable the crapest British city I've been to. I also got the feeling that it was the most American-like city I've been to, but I kept that to myself.

I stayed up and watched the Super Bowl on BBC One. It was really weird without the commercials.

Centralia's final days

Here is an interesting story my local paper back in PA ran on Centralia. Centralia is a town in Pennsylvania with a coal vein on fire underneath it. The government has slowly moved people out over the decades turning it into a kind of ghost town.