September 30, 2010

Passed Driving Theory Test

Back at the beginning of August I took the driving theory and hazard perception tests and never got around to posting about it. The test centre was on the other side of Stirling and I walked there after work. When I got there I waited in line at a desk to check in. After I checked in, I had to put everything except my license in a locker. Since the test centre was fairly busy, I had to wait again until I was called. I then went down a hallway and had my ID checked again. I was then assessed a computer and went into the test room. When I was finished, I went back to the waiting room and waited a minute or two to get my results. I passed both parts.

I got 48 out of 50 on the theory part. You needed 43 to pass. On the hazard perception part I only barely passed. You needed to get 44 out of 75 points to pass. I was getting in the mid 50s when practising. But I only got 46 on the actual test, including a zero on the one video.

The whole experience was interesting. I'm pretty sure I was the only person at the test centre between 20 and 65. The centre was being manned by two retirees. Everyone else looked 18. I thought about making an old timers joke to the one old guy working there but wasn't sure he would get it.

September 26, 2010

Three Septembers

I realised the other day that this is the third September I've spent in Scotland. That makes it seem like I've been here a long time. Maybe a little misleading since I've only been here one August.

September 21, 2010

Trip Back Home

It’s been a slow day at work so I figured that I should do an update. Plus typing in Word makes it look like I’m busy.

At the end of August, I went back to America for the first time in roughly nine months. This was the longest time that I’ve been away from home. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that strange to be home. A bunch of building and shops had changed but nothing was really that different. My parents invited all of my relations up for a cooked out the one day. I went to New York City to see a couple friends from university and saw an Orioles-Yankees baseball game. The Orioles won. I also went to the new casino with my family.

My one year anniversary at work passed while I was in America.

It was actually stranger going back to Stirling. There was this sense of everything being familiar yet still slightly foreign. It didn’t seem like I have lived here for over a year now.

I can’t believe that I am trying to get out of a free trip to America. Someone at Colgate asked me to go speak on what I do, and I semi-jokingly said yes if the school paid for my ticket. He thought I was serious and is trying to find someone to buy me a ticket. I really don’t want to go though.