March 17, 2012


One thing that I have noticed, and find irritating, is the tendency for British men, predominantly under 30, to button every single button on a shirt or jacket. It is like they feel that since they have paid for all of the buttons, they are therefore hell bent on using every single one, style be damned.

How can anyone think this looks good? 

Even worse is when they button all of the buttons of a suit jacket. I was interviewing people for a job last week and noticed that a number of them kept their jackets all buttoned up even when sitting down. Besides looking incredibly stupid and unflattering, you run the risk of destroying the jacket. Doing this is the perfect way to make a bad first impression.

March 14, 2012

Welsh Cakes

Up next in my series on street foods are Welsh Cakes. Welsh Cakes are little self-rising cakes which are traditionally cooked on a hot griddle. I bought a half dozen of them from a stall in the Cardiff indoor market. Some of them were plain with some sugar on them and the others were spilt with jam in the middle. One of the good things about Welsh Cakes is that they are pretty cheap. I believe they cost £.30 each.

For a cheap snake, Welsh Cakes are really good. They are a little dense and have a slightly sweet taste.