May 29, 2010


I'm watching the eurovision final right now and I can't believe I'm sitting through this. I mean some of the groups aren't bad, like the Belgian guy. But you have to wonder what some of these countries were thinking. Moldova and Stinkovic from Serbia I'm looking at you. As I'm writing this, we are only through a third of the acts so I'm sure there are plenty more terrible acts to come.

EDIT: I can't believe Germany won. I mean the song was kind of catchy and the girl is kind of cute, but she can't sing at all. You could go to karaoke night at any bar and find someone who can sing better than her. In all, eurovision seems to serve as a pretty good commercial for the American music industry.

May 8, 2010

Election Continued ...

I was planning on writing a reaction to the election results but we still don't know the results. It looks like some sort of Conservative - Lib Dem agreement will be reached on the next couple of days.

I stayed up on election night watching the results come in until 1:30 AM, switching between the BBC's and Sky News's coverage. The results were so slow that I went to bed until 5:30. I watched for another 45 minutes before getting another hour of sleep. Needless to day I was pretty tired the next day. I'm not sure how some of the people on the BBC were able to do 18 hours on air.

My family is coming from America to visit on Monday. Should be an interesting 10 days.