February 22, 2012

Empty Ibrox

At the end of January, I went to the Hibernian-Rangers game in Glasgow. While the game did not go particularly well from a Hibs point of view, Rangers recent problems mean it might turn out to be the last Hibs-Rangers game ever. And if it is the last one, then I was the very last Hibs supporter to ever be inside Ibrox.

After the game ended, all of the Hibs fans were held back while the home supporters left the stadium.We were held back so long that the rest of the stadium had been emptied, and we got to see the police and the grounds crew do their post-game checks. There seemed to be a race to see who could mow the pitch the quickest. Eventually they let us start to leave. Before I left the stadium I decided to use the bathroom and then blow my nose really well. While I was finishing up blowing my nose, I quickly realised the bathroom had suddenly gone very quiet. A security guard asked me if I was the last one. I said I did not know and started to head towards the nearby exit. As I was walking out, I heard the security guard behind me say into his radio that he "had the last one". I had only just walked through the exit door when I heard it slam shut behind me.

At least for the moment, I can claim to be both the last Hibs fan at a Rangers game and the last Hibs fan in Ibrox. If Rangers' financial problems are as bad as they seem and they enter liquidation, I may get to keep those titles.



February 5, 2012


Two weeks ago I went to Dundee for the day. I had previously heard Dundee being called Scumdee so I wasn't sure want to expect. I was actually pleasantly surprised. While it is definitely not the nicest place I have visited, Dundee was a perfectly nice place to visit for the day. The high street/central part of the city could be mistaken for any mid-sized British city.

On this trip I visited Scott's Discovery which was the ship used on his Antarctic expedition in 1901. The ship's museum was really well done and the ship itself has been well preserved. I would highly recommend visiting the Discovery.


I also visited the Verdant Works, which is an old jute mill that has been converted into a museum. Jute is made into a fabric, such as burlap. The museum does a good job explaining the manufacturing process and also the wider implications of the jute trade.