October 17, 2009

Oak Smoked Cheddar

Last Saturday I bought some oak smoked cheddar cheese from the Stirling Farmer's Market. Its from the Arran Island, which is a small island off the western coast of Scotland. However, when I decided to have some of the cheese a couple days later, I ran into a problem.

The cheese came coated in a thick red wax. I've seen cheese in wax before, but never had to figure out how to get it out before. I decided to just cut the wheel and was able to peel off the wax from the wedge I cut.

The end result was some very tasty cheddar. There was just the right amount of oak smoke taste to the cheese. I've been enjoying it very much this week. Unfortunately, the Stirling Farmer's Market is only held once a month so I'll have to wait another three week to be able to try some more of their cheeses.

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