December 5, 2009

Homeless and frozen to death

The past ten days or so have been pretty eventful. The lease on my flat ended last Friday so I had to move out. The problem was that I couldn't move into my new flat until Monday. The letting agent claimed I couldn't move in until they received a reference letter from my bank. I pushed them on this and they agreed that I could move in on Monday. Somehow this requirement disappeared with no explanation. I still don't know if they ever got the letter or not.

This left me basically homeless over the weekend. I had arrange for my one coworker to store my stuff and I was going to stay with another coworker. However, when he went back to his flat Friday night, he found out that he was being temporary evicted because they had to do emergency repairs to the shared wall between him and his neighbor. I became homeless twice in one day.

When I eventually moved into my new flat on Monday, I quickly founded out that night that the central gas heating did not work. The whole flat got very cold very quickly. Luckily I had purchased a new duvet early in the week. Without it, I would probably have froze to death in my sleep. By chance, I was heading to London for a conference for the next two nights so I only had to put up with it one night. When I got back Thursday night, it had been fixed.

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