May 28, 2009


In case someone other than my parents or friends actually find this blog and decide to read it, I figure I should write a brief intro. I've recently graduated from a small liberal arts college and will be moving to central Scotland in July to work there. I first went to Scotland in the fall of 2007 to study at the University of Edinburgh. You can find pictures from that trip in the link on the right hand side. In the winter of 2009, I applied for a job there. After a couple of phone interviews, they paid for me to fly to Glasgow for more interviews and I was offered the position.

I intent to use this blog mainly to record my preparations to move from Pennsylvania to Scotland, and once there, to be more of a travelogue of my misc adventures and daily life. I'm sure it will evolve over time as what I feel like writing about changes and my life becomes more regular. Right now, I'm hoping to maintain some degree of anonymity so I'm going to try to stay vague on personal details, my future employer, etc... For my random internet readers, I hope that you find some value in this blog. One of my goals with this blog is to provide some insight into some of the bureaucracy that Americans moving to the UK go through. I also hope that someone is able to laugh at my exploits.


  1. Hi GateUK,

    I am a Producer on the US travel show House Hunters International. I found your website when looking for expats who might be interested in being a part of the show, I hope you don't mind me contacting you?

    I thought I would reach out to see if you or anyone you know have recently moved abroad and might be interested in taking part in House Hunters International?! Ideally they should be outgoing and fun, aged under 45 and have bought a property within the last few years or are renting a property.

    House Hunters International is a half-hour TV show currently airing on the Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV) in America. The series is designed to de-mystify the international home-buying / renting process, by going behind the scenes of a house hunt where expats and their real estate agents tour 3 homes. At its core, House Hunters International is a travel show concentrating on the idiosyncrasies of the locales and what makes them special and different.

    Here are some examples of the show that you can watch on Youtube: - Barcelona from LA - Vienna from California – Panama from Pennsylvania

    Please do get in touch if you or anyone you know may be interested in the show.

    Best wishes,


    Michelle James
    1-3 St Peter's Street, London N1 8JD - +44 20 7704 3300

  2. Hi David,

    I have been looking for some Americans living in Scotland for a feature for BBC online about how you celebrate (or maybe don't celebrate) the 4th of July aka 'Independence Day' Independence Day when not in ‘the homeland.’ Email me at if you'd like to know more, or if this sounds like something you might be interested in contributing something to.

    I've already got a few females lined up already so a few more males to balance things out would be good!

  3. My name is Shantalie and I am an editor for and I am busy putting together a guide to Glasgow. During my research, I stumbled across your blog and I was wondering if you would be keen to provide us with a piece of writing for our page.

    While I can't offer you financial remuneration for your work I can offer you a profile box and some exposure for your blog.

    Let me know if you would like to know more.

    Shantalie -