May 29, 2009

Visa Paperwork is off

This past couple of days has been spend getting all of my visa stuff ready to be mailed to this British Consulate in Los Angeles. My diploma happens to be written in Latin, which presents a problem since the UKborder Agency only accepts documents in English or Welsh (what about Gaelic?). Normally you have to pay to have someone do a translation, but that wasn't an option since I just graduated and didn't have the time. So I had to send along a letter from my college, transcripts (the hassle of getting these is another story), and an enlargement of this really little card that came with my diploma. All this was mailed to LA along with bank statements, passport, a picture, and the two applicants packets.

As part of this process, I had to go to this office next to the county jail to be finger printed and photographed. It turns out that it’s hard to take my fingerprints. The pattern makes it difficult take them and to match them. The scanner's software kept trying to reject my prints because they had too low of a "score". The women tried one finger five times before giving up. I wonder if this means I'm well suited to be a burglar?

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