June 6, 2009

LSATs on Monday

On Monday, I'm traveling to Lancaster to take the LSATs, which is kind of a pain. You would figure that living outside the city that is the state capital you would have something closer. Instead I'm going to have to drive an hour and then take the test. At least its being given in the afternoon and not in the morning like it normally is. I'll be glad when this is done. Preparing for the test has not been particularly fun. At least after this I'll be free until I have to start seriously packing.

As for my visa status, it arrived at the LA consulate on Monday. I'm guessing that it will probably take another week before I hear back. I've heard that they normally send an email confirming that they have received your stuff. Since I didn't get one, it possible that my passport will show up with the visa in it any day. Hopefully it won't come while I'm away on vacation.

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