June 21, 2009

Vacation Observations

I spent this past week in Florida with my family on vacation. Here are some random observations:

Since when did really fat people start to ride those motorized wheelchairs normally reserved for old people? If you're 30 years old and so fat that you can't walk, maybe visiting theme parks should be a little lower on your priority list and losing a hundred pound or so a little higher. Just a suggestion. Letting people ride around and never have to walk is just giving them a license to be as fat as they want with less of the consequences. At least old people are considerate when driving their scooters.

At the same time, people with strollers aren’t much better. They start and stop walking without warning and cut others off left and right. People should really think twice about where they take their really young kids. Do you think that you have to push your two year old child on a hundred degree day through large crowds? The kid isn’t going to enjoy where ever you’re taking them and it’s not like they’re going to remember it anyway. All you’re going to do is punish yourself by having to lug the stroller around all day and irritate the people who have to walk around you.

When I went to Disney World when I was around seven years old, my family had a late dinner reservation at the restaurant in the castle at the Magic Kingdom. By the time we were done eating, the park had been closed for a while. It was completely empty. We got to walk down the main street with no one else around. It was pretty cool to be able to see the park all lit up at night while it was empty.

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