August 6, 2009

Any Day Now ...

Any day now, any day. Just waiting...

In other news, I got an invite for Google Voice the other night. I haven't played with it a whole lot, but it looks pretty interesting. As you are signing up, you get to search for different numbers that are available. You can search by letters too if you're looking to get a number that represents part of a name or word. After you pick a number, you then link your cell phone, home phone, etc... The major feature of Google Voice is that your new phone number will ring all of your numbers when someone calls it. It also serves as a voice mail service. You can listen to your messages from any computer, and Google will also provide a transcript of the messages. You can also make free calls and send free text messages.

Tomorrow night I'm probably going to go to the fair being held near my house. It's pretty small but I used to help out there when I was younger. My dad and I built the ring toss game. My eagle project was at the fire company that hosts the fair so I'll probably stop by to see how my project is holding up.

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