August 1, 2009

In other news ...

Pennsylvania ('s budget) is a month late. Maybe Eddie Rendell should take her for a pregnancy test. Oh wait, there's no money to pay for it. Seriously though, that situation is pretty ridiculous. The fact that they've been stuck over the same issues for months and made little to no progress makes it all the worst. With major employers threatening to leave the state, they shouldn't even be considering raising taxes. You can raise taxes all you want, but if no one has a job, no one is going to be paying them no matter what level you set.

Now that I'm closer to leaving, posts should start to come more frequently. This past week was spent gathering what I want to take with me and getting rid of stuff that I don't want anymore. I went through my closet and found a bunch of old T-shirts that are too large. I pulled them out and will donate them to the Salvation Army. This morning I went bought a new suit and a couple of neckties.

I've been spending sometime researching bank accounts. I had heard that opening a bank account can be a problem since you have no proof of address. Apparently, there are a couple of banks, like Barclays and Lloyds, that don't require you to prove your UK address. They are willing to accept proof of your old address in America. That's good news and its one less thing to worry about. I've also heard recently that most landlords are more flexible for people just arriving with no history of credit in the UK.

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